Our facility is over 5,200 square foot split over 2 floors and packed full of the best quality equipment for all ages and skill levels. Whether your goal is simply to get in shape in some of our classes or to get yourself ready for your next fight we have what you are looking for. The whole family can come and get fit in a friendly supportive environment.

Upstairs is our 2,600 square foot fully matted combat area featuring a 45ft rack with 12 punch bags. All of The best Thai pads,focus mit’s etc and 2 14ft boxing rings.
Separate male and female changing rooms and showers are available.


Downstairs is a 1,500 square foot matted circuit area as well our strength and conditioning room.

This space is used for classes as well is 1-2-1 sessions with our trainers and has the following equipment:

Over 700kg of Olympic weights

Cable Machine

Full bar bell rack

2 bay crossfit rig

Olympic bench press

Olympics squat rack

Kettle bells

Club bells

Wall balls

Medicine balls

Suspension training

Olympic rings

Aerodyne bike

Spin bike

Concept 2 rower

Ski rig