From little acorns mighty oaks grow…

‘Work hard in the classroom and you’ll succeed’. These words must have been said to many a child throughout the world but the phrase applies to Legions Gym in a different way. The Gym was founded by Dave and Al in 2011 and started out of a converted classroom – it was set up not to be a money making business but to provide a place for like-minded people to train in Muay Thai.

The guys and girls who stuck it out at the gym all have these traits in common:

  1. They train hard 
  2. They bring no ego to the gym
  3. They have loyalty to the gym
  4. They are team players who support each other

Above all have a laugh and enjoy it. After 6 months an opportunity to move to a bigger building came up and so the gym moved to Tang Hall. From there with the hardwork and dedication of the instructors and fighters the reputation of the gym was built. Travelling up and down the country our fighters would put on the line against opponents from some of the best gyms in the country. Along the way titles were picked up from local area to European.

As the fight team grew, Dave put on big fight shows in York called ‘Night of the Legions’ which had up to 12 gym fighters on and have become a standout occasion in the York fight scene calendar. Due to the Support of Phil Wetten from SAY scaffolding (himself a Legions fighter), the Gym now has the chance to expand again moving to large new premises in Clifton Moor. New Instructors who believe in the Legions ethos have come with us offering more opportunities and teams in boxing, kickboxing and strength & conditioning are being built. This new chapter in the story of the gym begins now and even though the facilities have changed, the goals are the same.

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